AN environmental champion is getting on her bike in order to cut down on waste.

Julia Stansfield, from Lymm, first set up her new zero-waste business the Refill Round during the coronavirus lockdown.

She cycles to customers houses with a trailer attached to her bike to deliver eco-friendly products in reusable packaging which is collected once empty.

And more than 400 plastic bottles have already been saved from going into landfill over the past few months.

Julia said: “I often used to forget to take my empty shampoo or conditioner bottles out with me or struggle to carry them all home when full.

“With the Refill Round, you can simply order through our convenient website and I will deliver them to you – zero fuss and zero waste.

Warrington Guardian:

“Only a fraction of the single use plastic we use is recycled, and an even smaller fraction of that is done in the UK – and we have all seen the images of our plastic rubbish being burnt at the road side in places like Turkey.

“The Refill Round offers you an alternative – we deliver household laundry, cleaning, body and hair care products in refillable glass bottles.

“Once you have emptied those bottles and are ready to order again, we will pick up your empties and drop off the next set of filled bottles in freshly sanitised bottles just like a milk round.

“I work with amazing eco-friendly suppliers who also pick up the much larger empty bottles from me and refill them, ready for the next order – it’s a brilliant closed-loop recycling system.

“We also have a range of plastic-free household extras, such as compostable kitchen sponges and scrubbers and even bamboo straws and toothbrushes.”

The Refill Round has already been awarded the title of Plastic Free Champion by environmental group Surfers Against Sewage through campaigners Plastic Free Lymm.

Julie added: “The Refill Round is about helping us all to make simple changes to our plastic consumption.

“If individually we make those changes then we will, together, make a big difference.

“I am lucky to live in an amazing community that is embracing the Refill Round and I am so grateful for their, and Plastic Free Lymm’s, support.”