MANY film fans would have been excited when it was announced a host of drive-in movies were set to be screened in Warrington.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday saw eight popular flicks including The Greatest Showman, Grease, Pretty Woman and ET played on a large projector screen near the Winwick car boot sale site off Townfield Lane. At Mamma Mia screening on Saturday, there were around 20 cars parked on the field in front of the screen, spaced out to avoid spectators being obstructed.

The sound was cleverly made available through a specific radio frequency as coronavirus safety messages were aired before the film. It was a very different shared experience of watching a film compared to being in the cinema where laughter, gasps and the munching of popcorn can be heard.

But when the Abba hits were in full flow as star actors such as Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan joined in with the vocals, it was clear to see that car occupants were having a good time.

Indeed, some cars rocked as people sung and danced inside them as the legendary Swedish band’s classics were belted out.

An intermission gave customers a chance to buy food and refreshments from vans set back from the screen or go to the restrooms at the neighbouring social club. The second half of the 2008 musical was then played, and more Abba numbers were performed, much to the audience’s delight. A unique cinema experience I would enjoy doing again.