AN arsonist who blew up a car parked on a residential street over an unpaid drug debt has been jailed.

Brandon Sutton burnt his own hand after drunkenly torching the vehicle in the early hours, then begged his victim not to go to the police.

A convicted robber, he was handed two years behind bars last week after admitting arson.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that the 21-year-old a house on Harding Avenue in Orford on July 2 this year looking for an associate who owed him money.

He was not home, but Sutton – of no fixed address – told the man’s mum that he would return and cause damage to the property if the debt was not repaid.

At around 2am on Saturday, July 25, he did return and smashed up the woman’s Mini Cooper with a golf club before pouring an accelerant over the vehicle and setting it alight.

Around two hours later, Sutton phoned the son and urged the family not to involve the police – offering to cancel the debt and £1,000 in compensation if they did not.

When arrested, the defendant had a heavily bandaged wrist as a result of burns suffered during the incident.

In a statement read to the court, the mum – who was awoken by a ‘loud bang’ – told the court that she ‘doesn’t think she will ever get over the incident’ and no longer feels safe in her own home.

The statement added: “I should not have to live like this.

“Luckily, no-one was harmed and a car can be replaced.

“But if the explosion was any bigger then the windows of houses would have been put through.

“Since the incident, I’ve avoided my neighbours as I feel embarrassed and ashamed that this has been brought to the street where I live.”

Defence barrister Sarah Griffin described her client as an ‘immature young man’ who suffers from ADHD.

Sutton, who appeared in court via video link to HMP Altcourse, has 13 previous convictions for 23 offences – including robbery, escaping from lawful custody and possession of an offensive weapon in a public place.

He was only released from a previous spell in prison back in February.

Ms Griffin told the court: “While he caused clear psychological harm, he is extremely fortunate that no physical harm was caused to anybody.

“This is a very sad case of a young man who has had a traumatic childhood.

“His late teens and early 20s have largely been spent in custody.

“Hopefully he will start to live a law abiding life.

“I ask the court in these circumstances, perhaps as an act of mercy, to give this defendant one last chance to turn his life around.”

Sentencing, recorder Ian Unsworth said: “Your motive was to settle a debt that had not been paid.

“This was a direct follow up on your threats.

“While you did not attack the house, you did attack her vehicle and this was clearly pre-meditated.

“It’s clear that you are remorseful and you have had a difficult young life so far.

“But your arson attack was serious.

“I regret to say it would simply not be appropriate to suspend this sentence of imprisonment.”

Sutton was also handed a restraining order, preventing him from contacting the victim or her son or entering Harding Avenue indefinitely.