A LATCHFORD pub has been forced to temporarily close following a coronavirus scare.

Drinkers were asked to leave The Cheshire Cheese at about 6pm on Sunday following concerns that a customer had been in contact with someone that had recently tested positive for the virus and should have been self isolating.

But the Knutsford Road pub is expected to reopen later today, Monday, as it is believed to have been a false alarm.

Landlord Alex Wright said on Facebook: "Having seen evidence of Covid test results from individuals, I’m happy that nobody was at a known risk on Sunday.

"Please understand that I have to respond to information I'm provided and I absolutely have to put the health and welfare of everybody first. I followed the relevant procedures which was obviously very unpopular with all those present in the pub at the time.

"It’s an incredibly challenging time for everyone and unfortunately not everyone seems sympathetic and understanding. Look after people please, look out and care for one and other. It’s easy to be judgemental and criticise others, yet not knowing the full circumstances."

The pub is now undergoing a deep clean and Alex is waiting on a conversation with the Covid-19 response team before reopening.

He added: "We believe it was a false alarm. I'm pretty confident the person in question hasn't been putting other people at risk.

"If someone gives you a phone call saying you've got a bomb you've got to respond, you can't just ignore it so that's what I did yesterday.

"I'm just waiting for the all clear from the relevant Covid team and I'll be open today (Monday). I'm far as I'm concerned that's the end of it.

"I'm not blaming everybody. I think for obvious reasons people are sensitive at the moment."