LYMM High School has paid tribute to its sixth form students for their strong A-level results amid a strange and uncertain school year.

Despite the chaos caused by the coronavirus pandemic, a number of pupils came out with top grades across the board.

Head teacher, Gwyn Williams, said: "To say this is a strange year for exam results is an understatement and I pay tribute to the students who have had to cope with such an upheaval - first in terms of the abrupt end to their school career, and then all the added uncertainty around the process for issuing exam results.

"The way they have handled all of this really has been extraordinary and just serves to underline our sense that, whatever their exam results, this group of young people are going to go out there and make a big difference in the world."

Warrington Guardian:

Among the school's high achievers was Matthew Swann who was awarded four A* grades, with Amber Heckstall-Smith, Lewis Hindle and Anna Turner also achieving perfection with straight A* grades in all their three subjects.

Similarly, Amelia Smith received a double starred distinction in BTEC fashion to go alongside her A* in A-level textiles.

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Abigail Bellass also gained a triple starred distinction in BTEC sport.

A further 13 students got at least three A or A* grades.

"As far as the big picture is concerned, it seems inappropriate this year to provide any headline data in the way that we normally would," Gwyn added.

Warrington Guardian:

"All I will say is that we are generally satisfied that the process set out by Ofqual seems to have been applied properly in our case and that the results we have been awarded are in line with the very strong results of previous years.

"The vast majority of students have already secured places at universities or on apprenticeships of their choice for next year, and we are working really hard with everyone else to provide them with all the support they need to choose the right next steps.

"Once again, many congratulations to all the students who have worked so hard over the past couple of years and absolutely deserve the success they have seen today."