RESIDENTS have been angered by ongoing fly-tipping in Padgate.

Waste has repeatedly been dumped behind shops on Marsh House Lane in recent weeks, near to houses on Gorsey Lane and Marsh Street.

Warrington Guardian:

Included in the rubbish pictured are appliances, mattresses, furniture and a toilet.

One member of the public told the Warrington Guardian: “It’s been reported twice to the council, but all they do is tell me they will look into it but it may take five weeks.

“That’s just not good enough.

“More rubbish arrives by the day and the smell is awful.

Warrington Guardian:

“There’s many mattresses, a toilet, broken bags that vermin are getting into and broken glass.

“We don’t need a local tip, we have one on our doorstep.”

Warrington Guardian:

Warrington Borough Council has been contacted for comment.