There are so many animals in Warrington that need your love.

Best of all, rescue animals can make best companions and they are just as lovable as any other type of pet.

However, you need to remember that an animal is for life and not just for lockdown- you need to make sure you're capable of looking after an animal so they don't end up back in the shelter.

Here are six cats and dogs in Warrington that need to be rehomed- could you open you house and heart to one?


The following dogs can be found at the Cheshire Dogs’ Home on Knutsford Road, in Grappenhall.

Age: 9
Breed: Border Collie
Adoption fee: £130

Warrington Guardian: Max needs a new home (Photo: Cheshire Dogs' Home)Max needs a new home (Photo: Cheshire Dogs' Home)

Don’t late his age deceive you- Max is “full of life” and is incredibly energetic.

Like most other collies, he is incredibly intelligent and willing to learn.

However, Max needs basic training in regards to food and toilet manners.

He is best suited to home with older children and preferably without any other animals.

Could you give Max a home? Enquire on the Dogs Home website.

Age: 1
Breed: Siberian Husky
Adoption fee: £130

Warrington Guardian: Would you rehome Mia? (Photo: Cheshire Dogs' Home)Would you rehome Mia? (Photo: Cheshire Dogs' Home)

Mia was found as a stray and not much is known about her history.

She is described as a “lovable” young pooch who is very affectionate- but she still has a lot to learn and might not be suited to first time dog owners.

She is quite excitable and curious while on walks and will need more training to be less erratic on the lead.

Her new home should have a decent sized garden with high fences.

Mia could potentially live with older children who are used to bigger and bouncy dogs.

Learn more about Mia by visiting her profile.

Mars and Bubble
Age: Mars, 1. Bubbles, 2.
Breed: Mars, Black Shar-pei. Bubbles, Champagne Shar-pei
Adoption fee: £130 each

Warrington Guardian: These best friends are looking to be rehomed together (Photo: Cheshire Dogs' Home)These best friends are looking to be rehomed together (Photo: Cheshire Dogs' Home)

These pooches are a package deal and would ideally like to be rehomed together.

They are silly and incredibly affectionate once they get to know you.

However, they are quite nervous in new environments so they are best suited to experienced owners who can build their confidence.

Owners will have to have some knowledge of the Shar-pei breed.

To learn more about Mars and Bubble, visit the Cheshire Dogs’ Home website.   


There are a lot of cats at Warrington Animal Welfare that desperately need to be rehomed.

A spokesperson for the company told The Warrington Guardian: “When you adopt you are saving a life. The life of a living, breathing animal that is often in the shelter through no fault of their own.

“We find the animals wonderful new families who can love and enjoy them… rescues are by far the best breed.”

Age: 5
Adoption fee:£85

Warrington Guardian: Could you rehome Hercules? (Photo: Warrington Animal Welfare)Could you rehome Hercules? (Photo: Warrington Animal Welfare)

This friendly cat is looking for a new owner who can give him a lot of love and attention.

Once he gets to know you, he is will demand head rubs and affection from his owner.

Could you give Hercules a home? Find out more on the Warrington Animal Welfare website.

Adoption fee:£85

Warrington Guardian: Monty has a lot of love to give (Photo: Warrington Animal Welfare)Monty has a lot of love to give (Photo: Warrington Animal Welfare)

It’s though that Monty had a hard life before coming to the shelter as he had a lot of scars and wounds.

He’s looking for a quiet and relaxing house to live in and Monty is best-suited as the only cat in the household.

If you can offer Monty a loving home, get in touch with the charity.

Age: 8
Adoption fee:£85

Warrington Guardian: Kayte is looking for her forever home (Photo: Warrington Animal Welfare)Kayte is looking for her forever home (Photo: Warrington Animal Welfare)

Kayte came to the shelter when her family moved abroad and couldn’t take her with them.

She is a loving cat, who loves a fuss (on her terms).

Could you give Kayte a warm and loving home? View her Warrington Animal Welfare profile to learn more.