916 burglaries were reported in Warrington between June 2019 and July 2020- but which streets were the worst hit?

Using police data, we can see where Warrington’s burglar hotspots are- and also see how many criminals have been taken to court.

Here are the streets in Warrington with the highest burglary rates- how many cases were reported on your street?

Streets with the highest burglary rates

According to the police data, Quayside Mews, O’Leary Street and Cavendish Close are the streets with the highest burglary rates. Between June 2019-June 2020, each of these streets received 6 burglary reports.

Warrington Road, New Cut Lane and Longshaw Street also have high burglary rates, with 5 reports each.

However, since the start of 2020 the most targeted street is Birch Avenue which has received 4 burglary reports since January.

Burglary trends in Warrington

As you can see from the graph, burglary reports spiked in September 2019 (101) and were at their lowest in June of this year (41).

When coronavirus lockdown was announced in April, more people were staying indoors and you would expect burglary rates to decrease during this time- and this is exactly what happened in Warrington.

Burglary rates in April were 30% lower than they were in March.

How many burglary cases are solved?

Shockingly, in 77% of the burglary cases no suspect has been identified for the crime.

Out of the 916 burglaries reported between June 2019 and June 2020, only 25 cases have gone to court and are awaiting an outcome.

A further 45 are under investigation.