A TEAM of firefighters are leading the way by organising an international charity challenge.

Warrington fire station’s Mark Pollard, 48, and Birchwood’s Ryan Cook, 30, are encouraging fire fighters from across the globe to get involved with the initiative from their own stations.

It’s all in aid of raising money for The Fire Fighter’s Charity, which Pollard says has seen its income take a hit during the pandemic.

Mr Pollard, Station Manager for Warrington, said: “This event gives us something to work towards, some motivation for some light training – and there’s also that mental [health] element as well.

“You’re part of a community and we can talk to each other as well – and that’s what the charity is all about, it’s there for every fire fighter.”

With the usual event being cancelled, the challenge has taken on a virtual format, with fire service staff being asked to post their entry videos online.

The winners will then be announced at Warrington Fire Station’s Virtual Open Day on September 15.

Participants will have to complete a number of physical tasks to be able to complete the challenge – all while in full fire fighting kit – including hose-reeling, container-carrying, a 200m dash, and transporting a 70kg dummy for 50m as a final hurdle to overcome.

Entrants from across the globe are being encouraged to get involved, with sign-ups from the UK, Belgium, Norway, and Germany already coming in. Entry is £5.

The public are being invited to donate to the Fire Fighters Charity, which you can do so by visiting firefighterscharity.org.uk/donate