POLICE in Warrington have shared details of arrests and charges they have made on Friday and overnight.

A woman in Great Sankey was arrested on Friday on suspicion of breaching a Criminal Behaviour Order by making calls to the ambulance when there was no medical need.

Officers say she has since been charged and remanded in custody and is due to appear in court.

Meanwhile, a man was arrested at Tesco Garage on Winwick Road yesterday after officers who were there dealing with another incident observed him allegedly driving into a barrier.

Police allege he was found to be over the alcohol limit after a breath test and the suspect was arrested.

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In Orford, a man was arrested on suspicion of a domestic assault on a woman, his partner, overnight.

He is also alleged to have damaged a police car during his arrest by kicking the near side front wheel arch, say officers.

Meanwhile, at Warrington Bus Station, with the help of a police dog, a man was arrested on suspicion of possession of drugs.

Warrington Police said: "Another classic Town Centre Beat Team pincer movement in the bus station following an indication by PD Rufus.

"Male arrested for alleged drug possession".