DONATIONS have been pouring in to a new food bank initiative which has been set up in Padgate.

Run by officials from Poulton with Fearnhead Parish Council, the scheme has been operating out of the Station House pub – with volunteers distributing up to 80 parcels every week.

Now, Cllr Sue Emery is asking the community to support the food bank in any way they can.

She said: “If you look at our society at the moment, even before the pandemic, we had a category of people who are in in-work poverty.

"So their wages will pay the rent, the gas, the electric – but the only budget they can actually save on is the food budget.

“That means they cut out the treats for the kids, or cut out breakfast cereal and have a round of toast instead. That’s so sad in this day and age.

“I say let’s help out where we can.”

Emery has been supported by fellow councillor Graham Friend as well as a host of volunteers – with further assistance coming from the parish council, Chester University, Rylands Sharks youth rugby club, and local firms.

That’s all been complemented by Chris Catelani, the landlord of the Station House pub, who Cllr Emery describes as 'so good' for the scheme after the publican hired a portable cabin and put up pictures from school children in the area for the volunteers.

Currently, donations can be dropped off at the pub, with delivery runs being done every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday by volunteer drivers.

If you would like to donate food or some of your time, you can find out more on Facebook via