A PERMANENT reminder of lockdown has been created in a Thelwall park.

From March to May, while parks and play areas were closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, a snake started to form outside Diamond Park in Thelwall made of pebbles and rocks painted by children from the area.

They displayed tributes to the NHS, schools and key workers and it was all started by Isabella Potts, four, from Thelwall.

Rock activity in Grappenhall/Thelwall is encouraged by a group formed by Louise Simmonds called ‘Thelwall and Grappenhall rocks on’ which encourages children and adults to join in the fun.

Mayoress Cllr Wendy Johnson thought it was wonderful idea and got the full backing from all the councillors at Grappenhall and Thelwall Parish Council to preserve their handiwork imaginatively for the future.

As a result, the pebbles and rocks have been set in concrete, forming a rainbow at Diamond Park.

The Park was re-opened by Cllr Wendy Johnson, accompanied by Macy Owen.

As reported previously in the Warrington Guardian, Macy, nine, had asked her parents during lockdown what she could do to help the NHS and patients.

The Grappenhall schoolgirl decided she wanted to raise the sum of £100 and started to make Hama bead rainbows.

To date, Macy has raised an incredible £10,000.00 and has had a special mention in the Houses of Parliament from Warrington South MP, Andy Carter for her efforts.

A spokesman for the parish council said: “Macy has become something of a local celebrity (which she is playing down) but, the parish council felt it only fitting that Macy re-open the park with our Mayoress as an acknowledgement of her tremendous efforts.”

Her extraordinary efforts have made her a Point of Light – a volunteer recognised by the Prime Minister for their efforts in the community.

Macy said: “I’m really happy to receive this award from the Prime Minister and I want to carry on helping people by making my rainbows.”