A HISTORIC clock rescued from the demolition of the old Time Square will be given a permanent home in the town’s new market.

PJ’s Jewellers, which has a shop in the £11 million facility at the new Time Square development, wants the clock to be resurrected.

It is currently in storage, however, it has not been forgotten.

Warrington Borough Council (WBC) chief executive Steven Broomhead said: “It’s an important part of the heritage of the area and the heritage of the old market.

“We will make arrangements to have the right installation in the right place, so that heritage legacy can be preserved.”

He confirmed a place will be found for the clock at the market.

It was rescued from the demolition of the old Time Square and subsequently moved into storage where it continues to be held.

Warrington Guardian:

A photo captured in 2015 during the demolition of the old Time Square

PJ’s Jewellers owner Eileen Fleming has been pressing the case to ensure the clock, which has a history in the town spanning around 80 years, gets a suitable home.

She said: “It has been stored underneath the market in the storage unit.

“I own the jewellers and I had a bit of a light bulb moment the other day where I thought there is a space for it at the front of the shop so that it would be out on Bridge Street.

“We have got to get someone to renovate it, we do have an idea of who could renovate it.

“People think that sometimes WBC get rid of certain historical artefacts so it would be nice to keep that because of the history involved.”

Eileen also discussed her delight at the new market, which has enjoyed a successful start after opening last month.

She added: “It has been brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

“It’s a lovely market and there is a lovely atmosphere – there are much more people coming in and I love my shop now at the front.

“Like I say, If they want me to put it (the clock) there I am quite willing.”