WARRINBGTON Wolves co-captains Chris Hill and Jack Hughes have outlined the commitment of their fellow playing and coaching staff in agreeing to extended pay-cuts to aid the future of the club.

Chairman, Stuart Middleton, recently updated supporters on the difficult financial situation that the club faces, with revenue streams restricted due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking about the performance group agreeing to extended pay-cuts, Hill said: “During the salary cut review process the club’s management and directors were open with us regarding the financial position.

“All the players know the financial challenges the Club are facing and understand we needed to take some of the pain to put the club in a better position moving forward. We agreed that the pay cuts should only kick in for those earning over a specific amount, looking after those within the Club on lesser salaries.”

Hughes added: "As a group, we spoke about how our supporters may also be struggling financially but yet they are still showing unbelievable commitment to the Club, we have all been humbled by the support.

"Also, the loyalty from sponsors and the Club directors has not been lost on the players. We want to reflect this commitment and will be doing our utmost to repay the incredible support when we take to the field.

“We are all in this together and with the incredible commitment being shown by the supporters and everyone involved with the Club, Warrington Wolves will have a bright future.”