AN illustrator who grew up in Appleton has been creating unique illustrated maps of her favourite villages in Warrington.

Alison Levy's lockdown project has turned into a successful Etsy business, with her maps available to purchase as postcards and prints.

The 25-year-old explained: "During lockdown I lost my job in design due to coronavirus.

"I knew that I didn't want that to be the end of my creative career, so I started drawing every day and posting my designs online, in the hope of getting my name out there.

"I started creating illustrated maps of some of my favourite areas, including Appleton and Stockton Heath.

"These proved to be very popular amongst locals, so I began selling them as prints and postcards."

Warrington Guardian:

The maps contain miniature drawings of key landmarks in the area, such as Walton Hall and Gardens, Ackers Pit and the Red Lion pub..

To decide which businesses and landmarks to include, Alison asked herself which had been around the longest, which serve the most people and which are popular among residents.

People can even choose to add their own house to the map for a small extra cost.

Warrington Guardian:

"I also included some of my own favourite places, such as Ego in Stockton Heath and the Walton Lea Project which does fantastic work," Alison said.

"I will be moving onto other Warrington areas soon, including Grappenhall and Lymm - I also hope to draw a map showing the whole of Warrington.

"I hope that when people look at my illustrations, they see some of their favourite places, and I hope it makes people appreciate the community they live in.

"Research is a huge part of creating these designs, and it's made me realise just how much places like Warrington have to offer.

"I certainly feel very grateful to have been raised here."

Ali Draws can be viewed at or visit Alison's Etsy store at