A 'REVOLUTIONARY' device in the window industry which was invented in Warrington is set to be launched.

Thermocill, a piece of kit which is fitted to window units, saves energy, reduces heating costs, reduces the carbon footprint of a home, and addresses condensation.

It has passed rigorous tests at the University of Salford’s Energy House and further optimisation tests by Manchester Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), based at Manchester University.

Thermocill is the brainchild of award-winning inventor Keith Rimmer who said: "Thermocill is the next revolution in the window industry - the biggest for 20 years or more.

"It makes a double-glazed window act like a triple-glazed window even though it only costs a fraction to buy and install.”

The device enables a room to warm up quicker than normal by capturing the natural convection from a radiator installed in front of a window.

The warm air beneath the window board rises through the Thermocill product and creates a curtain of warm air that acts as extra insulation.

Keith added: "The government is focusing billions of pounds on making our homes and public buildings more energy efficient and Thermocill can play a major role in making this happen.

"Let’s remember one of the biggest sources of heat loss from a house is through the window.

"In effect, Thermocill acts as a form of insulation directly in front of a window.

"The recent tests at the University of Salford and Manchester CFD show that the benefits are enormous.

"Thermocill reduces the amount of energy needed to heat a house, therefore saving on heating bills, and eradicates the amount of harmful condensation and mould forming on the window.

"And, the fact that it is made entirely from recycled plastic reduces the carbon footprint even more."

"There has already been a lot of interest shown from within the UK window industry, from housing associations, distributors, suppliers and installers."

Keith, managing director of KSR Consultancy, has now teamed together with Altrincham-based investment company Couette Ltd to create Thermocill Ltd.

Thermocill is expected to be on sale from September, to coincide with homeowners and landlords applying for the Green Home Grants announced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak.