Frank Lythgoe’s Warrington Anglers’ Association Column

GARRY Finn and his 14-year-old son Kian had a great session at Appleton Reservoir.

Kian beat his long-standing personal best carp with one weighing in at 19lbs 7ozs 0drs.

Warrington Guardian:

This is the second occasion in the past 14 days that he has beaten his dad with a specimen catch.

Garry was quite happy though with his two carp of 12-0-0 and 12-9-0.

Kian fished a hair rigged 16mm sticky bait manilla boilie.

Scott McKeown certainly set the bar high with his first night session on Appleton Reservoir with a catch of six carp, two which easily estimated at over the 20lb mark and the rest upper doubles. For sure he won’t forget his scales again.

Scott was more than happy and reckoned with seven fish hooked and six landed it was an awesome session.

Warrington Guardian: Warrington Guardian: Warrington Guardian: Warrington Guardian: Warrington Guardian: Warrington Guardian:

It’s not all carp though at Appleton with reports of tench and some great catches of quality roach. All anglers must park in our locked car park. It is important that members park sensibly to maximise the space. If you can’t access the car park your only alternative is either to get dropped off or leave and fish another of our venues.

Howard Marshall and his mate Martin fished the Weaver Navigation for the first time and were very impressed with the access to the pegs and fishing within a few steps of their car.

Martin fished a pole in the margins most of the time, and Howard fished between one and two rod lengths, both using maggot and pinkies, with occasional small balls of groundbait.

They would catch a few fish and bites in quick succession, then it would go quiet for half an hour or so, then the bites would come again. They ended up with roach, rudd, perch, dace, roach/bream hybrids, skimmers and bream to 1-8-0.

Stu Roberts tried his hand on this venue and despite the weather caught a nice net of bream for around 23lbs plus a few roach, rudd, a couple of perch and a dace thrown in for good measure. He fished the pole at about six metres with maggot and a small amount of groundbait.

On Monday Neil Davies enjoyed his first visit on an evening session on the Navigation, it being a complete change and more productive than his recent Mersey sessions.

He was pleasantly surprised with his net of skimmers and a few perch, all caught on the top five sections of his pole on single and double maggot over groundbait.

Mike Pritchard enjoyed his Saturday visit to the Mersey where, fishing close to the bank on a light quiver tip, he had lots of bites with small fish so changed to a waggler alternating between maggot and pinkie to end up with five hybrids, six perch, the rest roach for around 30 fish in all.

Tuesday this week saw Dave Gardner and Ken Hewitt at Mersey Walk with the river carrying flood water and rising. Ken had an 8oz perch plus a roach just over the 1lb mark on pole and maggot.

Dave set up a method feeder with red robin pellet over curried particle groundbait to slide his net under two 6lbs plus bream. A change to straight ledger added four decent roach to 1.5lbs, plus two perch around 1lb.

Anthony Rough made the most of the opening of the Welsh waters to the English side of the border as travelling restrictions were lifted on Monday. He was off in a flash like the ‘road-runner’ as he made his way to the picturesque River Alyn where he fished a stick-float loose-feeding maggot for a couple of nice grayling.

Our Sunday Mersey Series took place on the Victoria Park length and saw Jimmy Byrne draw another end peg which as in last week’s match he made pay with 18-2-0 to take first place.

His net was made up of a few small silvers plus three bream, the best weighing 7-4-0, all caught on groundbait feeder and maggot.

Derek Bibby, who won the match last week and also drew on the bream pegs, was relegated to second place with 10-6-0 fishing the same method. Certainly, nice to see the bream being caught again.

Twenty anglers turned out for our Disabled and Over 60s match on the Trent & Mersey Canal at Farm Road which saw Mike Worley take his first win of 2020 with 3-11-0 of small roach and perch caught on pole-fished pinkie. Second place went to Ron Durr with a similar net of fish for 3-1-6.

If anyone found a wallet at Appleton Reservoir on Saturday please get in touch with me at the number below and I will contact the grateful owner.

WAA Headquarters at 52, Parker Street remain closed on Friday evenings until further notice. Members renewing can put their book in an envelope with their payment, a stamped addressed envelope, and post through our HQ door where mail is collected and dealt with daily. If you need any further information please give me a call or email.

Keep those catch reports coming; they are all very much appreciated. Email or give me a ring on 01928 716238.


Sunday, Mersey Series: 1 Jimmy Byrne 18-2-0, 2 Derek Bibby 10-6-0, 3 John Green 6-8-0, 4 Alan Faulkner 6-3-0

Monday, Disabled & Over 60s: 1 Mike Worley 3-11-0, 2 Ron Durr 3-1-6, 3 George Hollis 2-14-0, 4 Bas Chambers 2-10-4.


Monday: Disabled & Over 60s, Bridgewater Canal, Daresbury Laboratories at peg 144. (£5 all-in, no coins, exact money, no change given).