A DRUG dealer who was caught with a taser and a BB gun while delivering ecstasy has been jailed.

Juraj Fiala, of Plumtree Avenue in Bewsey, appeared at Manchester Crown Court on Wednesday to be sentenced for possession of class A drugs with intent to supply, possession of an offensive weapon, driving while disqualified and possession of false identification.

Police spotted Fiala reversing at speed out of a house on Long Lane in Orford at around 2.20am in October 2018.

He got out of the car and was questioned by officers who found 569 MDMA pills inside his pockets along with two mobile phones and a set of scales.

The pills had a street value of £5,690.

A BB gun with pellets was also discovered inside the car.

The 28-year-old Slovakian national told police that the pills were for himself and would not provide any information about the phones so officers could not access their data.

Fiala was due to appear at Warrington Magistrate's Court but a warrant was issued when he did not turn up.

He was still under an arrest warrant when police stopped him in Manchester in March.

Police spotted a BMW being driven erratically on Great Ancoats Street in Manchester shortly before midnight.

It stopped in a car park at Victoria Station and a man tried to open the passenger door.

Officers intervened and found an Adidas bag inside which contained a taser, 60 MDMA pills, powder and crystals, 16 empty Kinder egg shells and a knife.

The drugs had a street value of around £1,700.

Fiala provided an authentic Lithuanian passport but this was fake identification.

Authorities confirmed that the passport had been stolen from a Lithuanian national.

In January, the defendant had also been banned from driving for six months by Wigan Crown Court and so he was driving while disqualified.

Fiala has six convictions for nine offences in the UK.

Letters from Fiala's fiancee and mum, who were present in court, were admitted as mitigating evidence while his barrister admitted that Fiala 'had not learned his lesson' the first time.

Judge Tony Cross, said: "It should have been obvious that you were a drug dealer in October 2018.

"How it took so long for the first case to come to a charge is completely unknown to common sense.

"You could have owned up at the time, you knew you were going to be charged at some point but you wanted to make money.

"You carried on this foul trade in 2020."

Fiala was jailed for four years and six months.