THE best GP practices in Warrington, as voted for by patients, have been published.

A total of 8,828 questionnaires were sent out, as part of the GP Patient Survey and 2,904 were returned completed.

This represents a response rate of 33 per cent.

The GP Patient Survey measures patients’ experiences across a range of topics, including making an appointment, access to online services and out-of-hours services.

Fairfield Surgery was named the best surgery in Warrington, according to patients while Penketh Health Centre was ranked at the bottom.

Seven surgeries, Fairfield, Manchester Road, Cockhedge Medical Centre, Stretton Medical Centre, Holes Lane Medical Centre, Birchwood Medical Centre and Causeway Medical Centre scored 90 per cent and above overall.

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However at the other end of the table Penketh Health Centre scored just 52 per cent.

Greenbank Surgery, Padgate Medical Centre, Eric Moore Partnership, Latchford Medical Centre, Four Seasons Medical Centre, Parkview Medical Centre and Lakeside Surgery also fell below the national average of 82 per cent.

Overall, 81 per cent of Warrington residents were happy with their experience of their GP surgery.

In terms of getting through to a staff member on the phone, Cockhedge came out on top with a performance score of 98 per cent.

Only 24 per cent of patients at Penketh Health Centre said it was 'easy' to get through to someone.

Patients at Manchester Road Surgery, Birchwood Medical Centre and Helsby Street Medical Centre rated their practices top for websites and online services.

Here is the full list:

1. Fairfield Surgery – 97 per cent

2. Manchester Road Surgery – 96 per cent

3. Cockhedge Medical Centre – 93 per cent

4. Stretton Medical Centre – 91 per cent

= Holes Lane Medical Centre – 91 per cent

5. Birchwood Medical Centre – 90 per cent

= Causeway Medical Centre – 90 per cent

6. Westbrook Medical Centre – 89 per cent

= Fearnhead Cross Medical Centre – 89 per cent

= Helsby Street Medical Centre – 89 per cent

7. Brookfield Surgery – 88 per cent

= Guardian Street Medical Centre – 88 per cent

8. Dallam Lane Medical Centre – 87 per cent

9. Chapelford Primary Care Centre – 84 per cent

= Springfields Medical Centre – 84 per cent

10. Culcheth Medical Centre – 82 per cent

= Folly Lane Medica Centre 82 per cent

11. Stockton Heath Medical Centre – 81 per cent

12. Greenbank Surgery – 77 per cent

13. Padgate Medical Centre – 76 per cent

14. Eric Moore Partnership – 75 per cent

15. Latchford Medical Centre – 73 per cent

16. Four Seasons Medical Centre – 70 per cent

17. Parkview Medical Centre – 65 per cent

18. Lakeside Surgery – 64 per cent

19. Penketh Health Centre – 52 per cent