WHAT was the north of England’s first public museum has reopened.

Warrington Museum had been shut since mid-March due to the pandemic but its doors have reopened.

So this week, we are looking at perhaps its most famous pieces – a mummy of a teenage boy and a coffin.

The mummy was donated in 1885 while the coffin arrived some time later, and was restored to its original glory in 2011 with the missing lid found at Manchester Museum.

Warrington Guardian:

Museum bosses were alerted to the existence of the lid by colleagues in Manchester.

The coffin is now displayed in its entirety, although it has an interesting history.

The sarcophagus (coffin) was used for two different bodies, a couple of hundred years apart, with a priest as its final occupant.

The heiroglyphics telling the life story of the corpse were even changed to accommodate the new body, something that was not unusual in Ancient Egyptian times.

Warrington Museum is now reopen and entry is free.

But you are encouraged to book online.