AFTER taking her first steps during lockdown, a five-year-old with cerebral palsy has raised more than £13,000 for her school.

Hollie Reid, from Padgate, suddenly tried to stand and cruise the sofa in March, despite doctors saying she would never walk.

Thanks to her determination, and with the encouragement of her twin sister Rosie, the youngster has now completed 100 lengths of her sofa.

The sisters were born 13 weeks early.

Hollie had to be resuscitated during her first two days after birth and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Warrington Guardian:

Mum Stephanie explained: "This means she is unable to swallow, unable to talk and has difficulty with her movements.

"When we first got told, we were told she had severe brain damage.

"They said she wouldn't be able do anything, so this is more than we've ever expected."

Hollie surprised her family by completing 100 lengths of her sofa in just 21 days, while the family was shielding during lockdown.

"Since then she has started walking with a walking frame," Stephanie added.

"When she first started wanting to stand up, we'd hold her up so she could be into whatever Rosie was doing.

Warrington Guardian:

"I originally asked for a standing frame so she could try and stand without us holding her.

"Now, she has a walking frame - she still needs a lot of support but it's there and she wants to do it."

Hollie's efforts have raised almost £13,700 for Green Lane School in Woolston.

Hollie and Rosie have even been making special rainbow 'thank you' pictures to send to people who have donated.

Warrington Guardian:

Hollie's teacher, Chrissy Skermer, said: "I would like to say that as a school we are amazed by Hollie and immensely proud of her achievement.

"We hope to use this money towards funding a new minibus with a tail lift.

"This will enable us to enrich the curriculum for more pupils with school trips and community learning experiences.

"We would like to thank Hollie, her family and all her supporters for their efforts and generosity."

Hollie's JustGiving page will stay open until the end of July.

It can be found at