A COUPLE living in America has commemorated the 50th anniversary of their wedding in Warrington.

Frank and Teresa Terrones were married on June 20, 1970 at Warrington Register Office.

Frank, originally from Colorado in America, was stationed in Burtonwood and met Teresa, from Liverpool, through a colleague.

For their 50th anniversary, the couple had originally planned to visit Warrington, but were unable to travel due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Not wanting them to miss out, the couple’s daughter-in-law, Andrea, contacted the Register Office team at Warrington Borough Council.

Together, they created a backdrop of the Register Office entrance so the couple could recreate a photograph from their wedding day, half a century later.

Mayor of Warrington, cllr Wendy Johnson said: "We’re so glad that council officers were able to help the Terrones family celebrate a very special anniversary with some creative thinking, at a time when they were unable to travel due to the pandemic.

"We wish Frank and Teresa a very happy 50th anniversary and wish them health and happiness for many more years to come."

Teresa gave birth to their first child, Terry, at Warrington General Hospital in 1971.

The couple moved to America, where Frank served in the US Army for 20 years, and they had three more children.

Teresa and Frank live in Colorado, as do their four children and seven grandchildren.

Their story is featured at the Burtonwood Heritage Centre, where they wish to visit when they are able to return to Warrington.