A HIGH school has raised concerns over youths drinking and taking drugs on its grounds.

Bridgewater High School has issued a warning after numerous occasions where its fields have been used for gatherings where coronavirus lockdown rules have been breached, and leading to anti-social behaviour.

Its upper school field on Broomfields Road in Appleton has become a meeting place for residents to meet friends while socially distancing and ‘has been well respected and looked after up until recently’.

But over the past few weeks, the space has been blighted by ‘dangerous’ behaviour from youths drinking alcohol and having barbecues in the evenings.

In a letter to parents, seen by the Warrington Guardian, headteacher Kerion Powell warned that it ‘feels like a matter of time before someone gets hurt’.

An ambulance was even called to the site the weekend before last in order to treat an intoxicated child while nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, cannisters have also been found on the field among other litter such as glass bottles.

Bridgewater High School principal Tim Long said: “The school is working closely with the council, Appleton Parish Council and the police to address this problem – we have also written to parents advising them that some young adults are engaging in anti-social behaviour, whilst reinforcing the Government’s messages on social distancing.

“We will not hesitate to take the appropriate action alongside the community to address anti-social behaviour, and we trust that people will behave sensibly in the future to ensure the wider safety of our local community.”

The school’s letter asked parents to ‘remain vigilant’, although it is believed that many of the culprits are not pupils at Bridgewater.

A Warrington Borough Council spokesman added: “There have been reports of young adults gathering on the playing fields at Bridgewater High School – this has resulted in some incidences of anti-social behaviour and littering.

“This behaviour clearly flouts Government advice on social distancing and puts young people and the wider community at risk.

“The council’s early help service and youth workers, along with the school and community partners, are working closely in their outreach delivery including targeting the area, supporting and offering advice to young people and making referrals for further support if required.”