HAIRDRESSERS and barbers will return to work on Saturday after months out of work.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivered a massive boost to the sector after announcing sites can reopen on July 4 in a major relaxation of the lockdown.

New Covid-19 secure guidance means businesses in England can welcome back customers this weekend provided they meet Government criteria for keeping staff and customers as safe as possible.

It states that a clear visor should be worn by the person providing the service, covering the face and providing a barrier between the wearer and the customer from respiratory droplets caused by sneezing, coughing or speaking.

Jojo’s Barbers owner Joanne Dean says she is ‘raring to go’ ahead of the reopening of the Manchester Road site on Saturday.Warrington Guardian:

Jojo's Barbers owner Joanne Dean

She is bringing in extra safety precautions to ensure her business is as safe as possible in line with the guidance.

Ms Dean is looking forward to catching up with her customers, who she says she considers to be friends.

“You are a confidant as well as a barber,” she said.

“It has been three months without a wage, it has been extremely difficult – not only financially but socially and in my private life as well.

“I’ve just had to depend on savings just to skimp through.

“I have never ever experienced anything like this at all.

“I used to be a walk-in, non-appointments, for the gents but now I’m having to go appointments only.

“For the first couple of weeks I’m going to have to allow the appointments to prioritise over any walk-in.

“Fortunately, I’ve got a waiting room for two people, as well as one in the chair.”

Warrington Guardian:

Hairdressers in the town can reopen on Saturday

Hux & Co barbers, on Green Street, is expecting a surge in customers over the first few weeks after reopening.

Owner Charlotte Dakin said: “The lockdown has been extremely difficult for the business, having taken the plunge to become self-employed in October last year it was a huge shock having to close the shop literally overnight, with no clear guidance of when I would be allowed to open up again.

“During this time I was still trying to engage with customers without knowing when I could reopen.

“However, now being told I can go back to work on July 4 has been a massive relief.

“I am excited to get back cutting, see everyone and get some normality back.

“I have also had to extend my working hours to try and accommodate everyone.

“I think within a few weeks I’ll be able to get my shop back into a routine providing there isn’t a second spike.”

Ms Dakin says she is more than prepared for the reopening.

She added: “I’ve added sanitising stations upon entry and social distancing markers.

“With the appointment system I use it is easy for me to have a one in, one out policy.

“I have also altered my booking times so I have even more time between customers to fully sanitise/ disinfect and prepare my work station.

“I have a full range of personal protective equipment, disposable gowns, gloves, towels and masks for every customer – and I will be wearing a disposable mask, face visor and apron.

“I have also contracted a local cleaning company to deep clean my shop twice a week.”

Salon 150, on Padgate Lane, is being made Covid-19 secure ahead of its reopening on Saturday.

Warrington Guardian:

Salon 150 is ready to reopen

Meanwhile, a Penketh salon has been working flat out to get the site ready for the return of customers.

O’Neills Hair and Beauty, on Warrington Road, is eagerly awaiting its reopening on Saturday in what is set to be the start of an extremely busy period for the team of eight.

Although the salon and barbers will be reopening, the beauty side of the business will have to wait.

Carl O’Neill says his staff have been working flat out behind the scenes.

He said: “Being a hairdressers, it is frustrating because we have been waiting and waiting and waiting to be told when we can open.

“We’ve got a big clientele so we’ve had to go through all the appointments that were booked before the lockdown.

“We’ve had to ring them all up and book them in, so we’ve had to get in touch with about 300 people.

Warrington Guardian:

Salon owner Carl O’Neill with his team. The salon was crowned Salon of the Year in the Warrington Guardian Customer Service Awards 2019

“We had to wait until we knew exactly the date that we could open because we didn’t want to ring them all up again and rearrange.

“I think its probably going to be feast then famine because we’re booked up already until August now.

“I’ve still got in front of me now two A4 pieces of paper full of names that I’ve got to contact.”

But Mr O’Neill hailed his team for their efforts in ensuring the salon is Covid-19 secure as it prepares to welcome back customers.

“I have got a great team behind me, they are helping and coming in,” he added.

“What we decided to do because there are eight of us altogether, we are having to split them into two teams and do split shifts because if someone was to get symptoms and we were all in together then we would all have to isolate and shut the salon down.

“As for appointments wise, we have had to really space them out.”