VANDALS have targeted a chip shop in Whitecross for the second time within weeks.

Uncle Don’s Fish and Chips, on Grafton Street, was first attacked at around 10.30pm on Sunday, May 31, when an a house brick was thrown through the front window of the premises.

And the chippy was vandalised again over the weekend, with this incident having been captured on CCTV.

Footage shows a man on a bike cycling up to the business at 3.15am on Saturday, June 27 before twice throwing another brick at the window – which had only been replaced five days previously.

Warrington Guardian:

Ian Lomax, who runs the chip shop with his friend John Sanson, said: “We were very surprised and and disappointed after the first incident.

“On Monday, we finally replaced the window – then on the Saturday there was another attack by a person on a bike.

“They threw the brick once, but it bounced off because we now have stronger laminated glass.

“Not being satisfied, the person returned, picked the brick up, rode back and threw it again.

“The window was able to stand the force of the brick, but there are some marks and scratches.

“For now it will be ok, but we feel this is a targeted attack and fear they will return.”

Anyone with information is urged to contact Cheshire Police on 101, quoting incident number IML740975, or to call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.