A RETIRED paramedic has stopped his mortgage payments after becoming frustrated at the lack of PPE being provided for ambulance workers in the north west.

Philip Roberts, from Birchwood, visited former colleagues when the coronavirus outbreak started and saw first-hand how the protective equipment that had been provided was not fit for purpose.

The 65-year-old said: "Everyone told me the same thing; their protection was not working.

"It wasn't safe for staff but it also meant the patients were being put in danger each time they went out on a job.

"They could easily transfer it from one patient to another.

"I took it upon myself to look around for suppliers and found a company in County Durham which makes the highest quality equipment but it is not available through the NHS. "They sent me 10 samples and I took them to the paramedics who said it was exactly what they needed.

"The masks are expensive but I couldn't get a loan from anywhere so I decided to stop paying my mortgage to fund a donation."

Philip, who was one of the first responders to the Warrington bomb on Bridge Street, used his own money to purchase more masks and has been offered a free storage space to keep them in.

He added: "When I took the first batch round, one young girl broke down crying in front of me with relief.

"It protects both the paramedics and the patients.

"I'm prepared to drive anywhere to pick up any donations that people can make.

"What the workers really need are long sleeved aprons so that is what I'm trying to source."

If you can help Philip with donations, call him on 07585446205.