SIBLINGS from Appleton have created their very own YouTube channel to keep their school friends entertained during lockdown.

When Georgia, Leo and Gideon Povey were unable to see their friends or pursue their usual hobbies, they started documenting themselves playing games and completing funny challenges.

The trio record the videos on their mum's phone, later editing the footage together with sound effects and text.

"My eldest boy Leo, age nine, is the presenter, and he is actually really brilliant at it," mum Donna-Marie explained.

"He is in year four and so isn’t able to be in school or with his friends.

"His friends and their parents are loving seeing him, and parents have told me that seeing their pal on screen has really made the kids laugh and really inspired them too.

"My daughter Georgia, 11, does all of the video editing and again, we have seen such a talent emerge.

"It has given them such a boost and a focus during what has been a difficult time for all children."

Gideon, four, is the guest star, featuring on special episodes.

His brother and sister said: "He is the funniest little gamer you have ever seen, and all of our friends think he is hilarious."

Giddy Gamerz Official now has almost 40 subscribers on YouTube after just one week.