ALTHOUGH lockdown has been a stressful and daunting time, it has allowed people to truly explore their beautiful surroundings here in Warrington.

For Sheila Yates, who first arrived in Warrington for a job interview in the 1970s, lockdown made her appreciate Birchwood, and the stunning sights of Risley Moss and Birchwood Forest Park.

"It has been a joy to be in the fresh air and watch the seasons change as we have cycled through verdant pathways," Sheila said.

"We occasionally pass other cyclists, runners and dog walkers but it is never busy, and most people carefully keep their distance and offer a cheery hello.

Warrington Guardian:

"The network of paths is extensive, and we have only once seen any litter - a big shout out to the staff of Birchwood Town Council and the rangers who keep the area clean.

"Even on the morning after a sunny Bank Holiday, when there were pictures in the national newspapers of parks around the country strewn with litter, by 9am the Forest Park was pristine, and all the bins had been emptied.

"Arriving in Warrington at Bank Quay Station in the 1970s, for my first professional job interview, the outlook over the industrial plants with smoke bellowing from the chimneys was not very inviting.

"I am so pleased that I didn’t judge the town on my first impressions.

Warrington Guardian:

"It is an amazing place to live, work and bring up children and, whilst nowhere is perfect, it has got a lot to offer.

"The vision of the planners forty years ago to develop a new town community that didn’t just rely on cars or long commutes seems to have been finally vindicated and as we move, hopefully, to a post-pandemic world, perhaps we will value and cherish our community more."

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