PLANS for a small traveller camp in Burtonwood have been approved – despite objections from neighbours.

The camp will have space for two static caravans and two touring caravans on the former timber yard on Penkford Lane.

The site is in the green belt and close to another traveller site.

Plans submitted to Warrington Borough Council said the site would improve the land and its former industrial use.

The developer said: “The proposed development makes use of previously developed land and reduces the footprint and volume of built development on site, the cessation of the commercial use and a reduction in traffic entering and leaving the site.

“Taking these factors into account, the proposed development would not conflict with the purposes of including land within the green belt.”

However a number of residents complained.

One said: “The track leading up to the proposed development is not suitable for more traffic than currently uses it ( cars , transits and scrap metal truck already go up and down several times day)

“I think that travelling caravans may not treat the area with respect , the encampment at the bottom of Penkford Lane is a settled family community and they maintain it well. Unfortunately we have all witnessed the mess that the travelling community can leave behind when they camp on local playing fields Sadly it is a fact that encampments do reduce the value of local houses.

“I am happy with the one current site on Pennington Lane but do not think any more should be allowed in this area

“Such a small site is not going to solve the problem the council has in the need to providing a traveller’s site.”