NORTHERN Rail says it is ‘considering the best course of action’ after vandals targeted ticket machines at Padgate Station again.

The automated machines have been attacked on several installations since they were installed, with repairs costing the station’s operator £4,500.

Now they have been severely damaged again and put out of use for customers.

Warrington Guardian:

Chris Jackson, regional director at Northern Rail, said: “Over the past 18 months, we have installed more than 600 new tickets machines providing customers across the north – particularly those at unstaffed stations such as Padgate – with improved facilities and a wide-range of ticket options.

“It is, therefore, really disappointing to see that the new machine at Padgate has been damaged on numerous occasions.

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“We have already spent more than £4,500 on repairs and are now considering the best course of action following the latest act of vandalism - we will work closely with colleagues at British Transport Police as part of this, and will do what we can to deter further anti-social behaviour at the station.

“Customers who would normally buy their tickets using the machine should still, where possible, buy before they board and can use our mobile app or website to purchase tickets.

“Those who want to pay cash can do so either onboard or upon arrival at their destination."