WARRINGTON Wolves players will have a three-week mini pre-season before Super League returns.

None have played since the league was suspended back in March, more than 100 days ago.

And while they have maintained fitness levels at home, getting up to the standard needed for professional rugby league will still take a while.

Karl Fitzpatrick, Wolves chief executive, said the players will go back in training before the season resumes.

No date has yet been set but it is likely to be August.

He said: "We are looking to have a three-week mini pre-season before that first game takes place.

"The players have shed a few pounds where needed or put on some muscle in other areas.

"But what they have not had is that contact which comes with games. And that is where you run the risk of the soft tissue injuries.

"So that is why we want to get them in."

Players are currently not training while they are on furlough, with the government paying wages.

When they return to the training field, that furlough scheme ends and the club will start to pay salaries in full again.

Fitzpatrick says the players remain in good spirits during lockdown.

He added: "I spoke to most of the players over the weekend and they want to get back playing.

"But they have been very patient and disciplined in their approach to the situation."

No restart date has yet been agreed but Super League clubs are due to meet again on Friday to discuss the situation.

The season could resume in August with a Grand Final in late November or December, depending on the number of fixtures they agree to play.