WARRINGTON Wolves fans have long been obsessed by the world record-breaking career of the Australian winger Brian Bevan who scored an amazing 740 tries for the club, writes Gary Slater.

Some supporters have calculated how many tries he scored in the different competitions.

So we know that he scored 622 tries in ordinary league games and 62 in the Challenge Cup.

Other supporters have worked out how many tries he scored against different teams.

So we know that he touched down 69 times against the Liverpool Stanley/City club.

We also know he claimed 50 tries against Rochdale Hornets and 40 against both Oldham and Salford.

Now one intrepid supporter (that would be me) has calculated how many tries he scored per day, with fascinating results.

His earliest try in the season came on August 14 (1954) when he crossed for a hat-trick against Hull at Wilderspool.

His latest try in the season came on May 31 (1947) when he grabbed a hat-trick at Featherstone Rovers.

In between – and particularly during the core months of the season from the start of September to the end of April – he scored almost every day.

The day when he scored most tries was January 1, New Year’s Day, when he bagged 13 touchdowns – mainly against Wigan.

He also enjoyed Christmas Day and September 3, scoring 10 tries on both those days. His 10 tries on Christmas Day were all against Widnes.

His figures become even more impressive when judged on a month by month basis.

In September alone, helped by easy games in the opening rounds of the Lancashire Cup, he scored 116 tries.

Many fine players have not scored that many tries in their entire Warrington careers, such as Albert Johnson (112) and Chris Bridge (107).

In two months, March and April, Bevan scored 98 tries.

The complete figures are as follows:

August 58 tries; September 116 tries; October 76 tries; November 64 tries; December 76 tries; January 69 tries; February 71 tries; March 98 tries; April 98 tries; May 14 tries.