FREEMASONS in Warrington have delivered more than 60 full bags of shopping to Warrington Foodbank.

The United Grand Lodge of England, the governing body for Freemasonry in England and Wales, formed the Covid-19 Response Group to support those in need.

The group identified food banks and people in vulnerable situations in need of help and set about galvanizing its network to provide food donations, deliveries, cooking fresh meals; as well as opening up local Lodges’ kitchens to cook meals.

In Warrington, mason Glen Screeton, having spotted an article in the Warrington Guardian mentioning that the Warrington Foodbank was running low on stock, along with his wife Clare, thought the idea of collecting a few spare tins or dried goods from Warrington Masons whils out and about, and delivering them to the Warrington Foodbank, may prove worthwhile.

Little did he realise that in the first week 62 full bags of shopping would be collected and delivered. Collections have continued into a third week.

Glen said: “The response from the brethren and other non-Masonic friends has been outstanding and the foodbank are extremely grateful”.

Leader of West Lancashire Freemasons, which includes Warrington, Tony Harrison, said “Even though these are difficult and unprecedented times, no-one should have to go hungry. We are so glad that we are able to provide help and support to so many families, not just here in West Lancashire but across the UK, with a hot meal or food donations to get them through this current crisis.”

Freemasons have achieved all of this in just a few months and have also given their time to produce and deliver food to the vulnerable. We will continue to raise money and donate our time until we are able to return to normality.”