YOU may recognise him from his appearances on the Real Housewives of Cheshire and now Ryan Kay is making his own mark on the fashion world.

Like many people, the 28-year-old from Burtonwood found his plans in disarray when the coronavirus pandemic struck but Ryan was determined to make the best out of a bad situation.

He has launched his new fashion and styling business in Manchester and spoke to the Warrington Guardian about his journey from a college drama student to styling red carpet stars.

Ryan studied performing arts at Warrington Collegiate, having a passion for acting and musicals from a young age.

He said: "Acting was the way forward for me, I used to perform in pantos with Warrington Wolves players but I always gravitated towards the costumes and started to become more creative with pieces.

"I would go to Afflecks Palace every week in Manchester and immerse myself in the fashion world.

Warrington Guardian: Ryan with RHOC star and close friend, Ester Dee Ryan with RHOC star and close friend, Ester Dee

"We performed The Rocky Horror Picture Show at drama school and it was the same time as Lady Gaga released Bad Romance.

"I was gripped by the fashion in the show and the clothes used in the music video, which were designed by Alexander McQueen."

Ryan decided that drama school was no longer for him and he was accepted into the London School of Fashion aged 24.

He worked backstage styling outfits at various fashion shows including Ryan Lowe and Julien Macdonald.

His hard work paid off and Ryan landed an internship at a fashion communications and PR company which organised shows for London and Paris Fashion Week.

Warrington Guardian: Ryan Kay on the red carpetRyan Kay on the red carpet

Ryan said: "I loved the hustle and bustle of working at the shows and styling celebrities such as Fleur East and Gabby Allen."

To support himself living in the capital, Ryan worked in Selfridges alongside his internship and fashion studies - often working seven-day weeks.

He continued: "It was really intense, I ate, slept and breathed fashion and styling.

"I worked on a fashion collaboration with Lady Gaga, GQ and Vogue at this time which was so exciting."

The company was keen to reach out to fashion bloggers as this was the up-and-coming business to be in and Ryan decided to contact Taylor and Darby Ward - Dawn Ward's daughters.

Ryan and Dawn struck up a friendship and the Real Housewives of Cheshire star expressed an interest in hiring him for the Ward's PR firm, Kanditree.

Ryan said: "I loved London but it wasn't home, I didn't make many friends and because it is such a big place it can be lonely at times.

"After three years, I was really missing my family so I decided to move back home to Burtonwood and become a freelance stylist.

Warrington Guardian:

"I got home on a Friday and thought 'oh god what have I done?' but on the Sunday, Dawn invited me round to her house and we caught up while she told me about Kanditree.

"I guess it was like an informal interview because the next day I woke up at her house and she told me 'the job is yours'.

"I fell into the job quickly but it felt so right.

"Dawn and her family are amazing, I loved working with them all and they did so much for me."

After 18 months at Kanditree, Ryan started to feel the pull of fashion again.

"When I would go on photoshoots with clients, I would always obsess over the styling and accessories and I knew I needed to go back into fashion, it is what I came back up north to do," he explained.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, Ryan had booked Hollyoaks actresses Jessamy Stoddart and Anna Passey along with Louisa Lytton from Eastenders to style for the British Soap Awards.

Warrington Guardian: Ryan at the Olivier AwardsRyan at the Olivier Awards

This included creating mood boards for their red carpet looks, where, as an image consultant Ryan works on everything from their perfume choice to their camera pose and interview technique.

Sadly, the event was cancelled and having already handed in his notice at Kanditree, Ryan was left in the lurch.

He said: "I panicked and thought 'what now?' but I've used this time creatively and in many ways it has been a blessing for me.

"It has given me the time to concentrate on this new career as a celebrity image consultant and stylist.

"Friends of mine told me about a space for rent in Ancoats which houses some amazing creative brands, so I snatched it up.

"I've decorated the office and made it my own and I'm already working with some incredible brands.

Warrington Guardian: Ryan Kay in his new Ancoats officeRyan Kay in his new Ancoats office

"I just hope this shows people that you can achieve your dreams even in dire times; just persevere, work hard and know your audience and brand.

"Looking forward, I just want to be happy, respected for my work and for the business to succeed.

"Everyone has been so supportive - my family have never really understood the industry I work in but they love that I'm back up north and they believe in me.

"My dad has even offered to build the shelves for my office!

"I'm just a boy from Burtonwood who had big dreams and I can't wait to get started."

You can follow Ryan on Instagram @ryankaystyles