THE Speaker of the House of Commons says he hopes for a change in American politics at the upcoming US elections.

And he described Trump as 'an all time low for politics'.

Lindsay Hoyle took over from John Bercow at the end of last year.

But what some people may not know is that he is a passionate Warrington Wolves fan.

He spoke to Warrington Wolves chief executive Karl Fitzpatrick in a frank Facebook vodcast.

And discussed everything from his favourite Wire coach to lockdown and the role of the Speaker.

He explained how he came to be a Wire fan.

"We have got the greatest game in the world," he said.

"Doug, my dad, became involved in the club as MP. I was more passionate about rugby than he was so he asked me to come to a game.

"That's how it started. I have watched the club and seen some greats from the zoo when Warrington was a hard club. Nobody wanted to come to Wilderspool. We had a fantastic front row with players like Les Boyd and Kevin Tamati. They were formidable.

"One of the greatest coaches in my eyes though was Paul Cullen because he turned the club around and save the club from relegation."

Warrington Guardian:

And he spoke out against the decision by his predecessor John Bercow not to allow Donald Trump to speak in Parliament.

He added: "I am not a fan of Donald Trump. It was an all time low for politics in the world. It is up to the American public to choose a new president and I hope we have a change in American politics because it dictates world politics.

"But in my view, I don't think it is for a Speaker to say you can't speak at Parliament. It was a retrograde step. I don't agree with Trump's politics but the House should decide.

"We have had other speakers who I don't agree them, but are allowed to speak.

"I am not a fan of China but we allow the premier of China to speak.

"Just because I don't like them doesn't mean they shouldn't be allowed to speak. We should try to listen to them and try to change their opinions. We should be working with them to create a better world.

"I would like to see the next president of America come to Parliament to speak."

You can watch the full vodcast now on the Wolves Facebook page.