IT has been a heartbreaking and worrying time in care homes across Warrington with carers working around the clock to support residents and their families.

Warrington Community Living, which runs several care facilities across the borough, has confirmed that all of their care homes are now Covid-19 free following a difficult and emotional period.

Some care homes have sadly lost residents during this crisis and staff say it will take a long time to heal.

However, there have been a number of vulnerable residents who have made a full recovery from coronavirus.

Doris Hackett is one resident at Heathside Mews in Penketh who contracted Covid-19 at the age of 96 but has since recovered.

At the end of March, Doris complained of pain in her chest and developed a dry cough.

Within three days she was tested which revealed a positive Covid-19 result.

Doris has lived at Heathside Mews for 10 years and staff say she is a ‘very special person’ who contributes to the wider Mews family with her ‘strong and infectious personality’.

From the first symptom, she was encouraged and supported by the care team to isolate in her own room, although there were concerns from those caring for Doris that this might be a struggle as she is a very sociable lady who is generally very active.

Surprisingly, Doris appeared to enjoy her time alone in her room, taking in the views from her patio doors of the garden in bloom, the music playing from her music centre and her various paintings around her room.

While she appeared generally well, the mum-of-one did struggle with her diet and fluid intake for a short while, but she remained upbeat, happy and settled and no other symptoms were evident.

Those caring for her were amazed by her resilience.

Doris was born in Smethwick near Birmingham and her husband served in the RAF as a wireless operator during the Second World War.

Doris also served in the Women’s Air Force at several bases, including bomber stations, as ground staff.

She moved to Heathside Mews in September 2010 and will be celebrating her 10-year anniversary later this year.

After making a full recovery from the virus, Doris is now back with her friends enjoying time together at an appropriate social distance.

All residents are joining in with activities either alone or in groups.

Singers have visited the gardens and staff have also organised gardening and art projects to keep morale high.

Sarah Gardner, head of delivery at Warrington Community Living, said: “This is not over yet, and we continue to proceed with caution in our homes.

“We are supporting and have supported some amazing people throughout this pandemic and the difference we can make to the people we support whether that be around end of life care, recovery or support to enjoy life, is what makes working in care so special.”