SACRED Heart Catholic Primary School is getting ready to open its doors to more pupils on Monday.

Reception, year one and year six students will be welcomed back to a new normal, with school staff and teachers doing everything possible to keep children safe.

Although the Fox Street site has been open to children of key workers and those who are vulnerable, a majority of pupils have been away from school for almost 12 weeks.

Colleen Everett, head teacher at Sacred Heart, explained: "Like all primary schools in Warrington, we have introduced a variety of measures in order to minimise any risks to our children, staff and parents.

"This has included creating 'bubbles' of less than 15 children with key members of staff.

Warrington Guardian:

"Children have their own named resource packs, socially distanced tables, have lunches delivered to their bubbles and are very happy to be wearing their own comfortable clothing which can be changed daily.

"Cleaning stations and sanitiser units have been set up throughout the school and soft furnishings have been removed, whilst a regular cleaning regime has been implemented throughout the school.

"Child-friendly posters are also displayed, encouraging children and staff to maintain good hygiene and follow the measures in place."

Warrington Guardian:

Sacred Heart was ready to welcome back pupils on June 8, before Warrington Borough Council delayed school opening for another week.

The school has even got staggered arrival and collection times in place, changed entry points and a social distanced queuing system to ensure there is minimal contact between families.

Colleen added: "These measures are just the tip of the iceberg and our home school agreement is our main reference point, which highlights what we agree to do as a school, what parents agree to do and also what children agree to do.

"Our main priority has been, of course, to make sure that we are doing everything possible to ensure that our children, staff and families are safe and feel safe.

Warrington Guardian:

"We are very aware that many of the children will have had different experiences and many are feeling anxious about current events and changes to their normal routines.

"For this reason we are ensuring that children’s social and emotional health is given the consideration it deserves, with many more opportunities for outdoor learning and activities to support their mental health and wellbeing.

"Although the school environment looks different, we are making sure that we are bringing as much fun in to the day as we can."

Warrington Guardian: