NEW figures show that while the north west's coronavirus reinfection rate is still above one, Warrington's remains below the region's average.

New analysis on Deckzero's Covid-19 tracker compares the number of confirmed cases reported by an authority over a two-week period to estimate the trend of this number.

For last Monday, this showed the estimated 'R' number in Warrington as 0.4*

The council confirmed on Friday Warrington's estimated number is below that of the north west and England average.

If it is greater than one, the epidemic will grow exponentially and residents face a second wave of the virus.

If it is kept below one, the epidemic will disappear.

Data prepared for Public Health England by a Cambridge University research team show that in the north west, the median onward transmission rate per Covid-19 infected person is 1.01 - just worse than the south west at one and exceeding the government target of keeping it below one per coronavirus case.

This is the highest in England.

Dr Andrew Furber, PHE’s north west regional director, said: “We know here in the north west, we experienced a peak in cases later than the majority of other areas.

“We need to ensure all our communities continue to follow government guidance on social distancing and self-isolation. As lockdown measures are eased across the country, it is vitally important we do everything we can to slow the spread of the virus and save lives.”

*The estimated values in this story do not replicate the scientific R number.

They are not official or governmental guidance and will not be used in any scenario or situation where the government guidance should be followed including but not limited to policy making by local organisations.