NO new coronavirus deaths have been recorded at Warrington Hospital.

The last recorded death was on Tuesday.

These figures are updated by NHS England at 2pm each day and include confirmed death cases reported at 5pm the previous day.

This means the trust's death toll remains at 124.

According to the latest government data, as of 5pm yesterday, Thursday 776 people have tested positive for the virus.

This was the same figure on Wednesday meaning there have been no new positive cases recorded.

In care homes across Warrington, at least 96 people have died due to Covid-19.

According to the latest weekly figures published by Warrington and Halton trust, staff have tested 5,795 inpatients/community (5,110 last week) of which 1,089 (1,050 last week) have tested positive.

They are currently caring for 46 patients (48 last week) who have tested positive for Covid-19 of whom three (five last week) are in ICU.

The trust has discharged 320 patients (last week 292) and sadly 124 (118) have died.

The average daily attendance at A&E in the last seven days is 201 (last week the average was 189) and at the Urgent Care Centre was it is 47 (last week average was 41).