ONE more patient has died at Warrington Hospital after testing positive for Covid-19.

This means a total of 124 coronavirus patients have now died at the Trust.

Figures published by the Office for National Statistics and Care Quality Commission show that as of Friday, at least 96 people have died in care homes.

This brings the town's death toll to 220.

As of 5pm last night, Tuesday government figures show that 772 residents in Warrington have tested positive for Covid-19.

Death rates are released once a day by the hospital and once a week by the CQC.

Recovery rates are released once a week by the hospital – as of Thursday, May 28 staff are caring for 48 Covid-19 inpatients, five of whom are in ICU.

They have so far tested 5,110 patients and people in the community, of whom 1,050 tested positive – although this figure includes people living in Halton or elsewhere.