A NEIGHBOUR has described the dramatic moment that a car crashed into a house in Chapelford.

The accident occurred on Oklahoma Boulevard at around 9.15am on Monday, June 1.

While the driver was rushed to hospital after suffering an injury to his foot during the incident, it is believed that he was discharged later that day.

Warrington Guardian:

At the time, resident Danielle Berry was upstairs in the semi-detached property next door to the house that the car crashed into.

She said: “I was just getting out of bed when it happened, we were upstairs and we just heard this huge bang.

“We didn’t know what it was at first – obviously you don’t expect someone to run into your house.

“It was a real shock, we were just hoping that everyone was ok and trying to find out how it had actually happened.

“There was steam coming from the car, so everyone was freaking out thinking it might explode.

“Thankfully, a surgeon lives across the road and he came out and helped the driver.

“He was so apologetic, it was a freak accident and there was no malice involved.”

The occupants of the house, a family with a young child who only moved in a matter of months ago, were unhurt by the crash.

But they have been forced to move out temporarily after the impact of the collision caused severe damage to their kitchen.

Adjoining properties have also suffered minor damage.

Danielle added: “We’ve had minor damage done to our brickwork, but the car actually took out most of next door’s kitchen – there’s a lot of damage inside.

“They have an 11-month-old child, and they were in the living room when it happened.

“The gas meter was affected and there was loads of water leaking in the kitchen.

“They’ve got no mains supply at the moment, so they’ve had to move in with their parents until it can get fixed – the whole thing is awful.”