A CHIP shop in Orford is giving out free fish and chips to pensioners and vulnerable residents.

The Greenwood Fryer, on Greenwood Crescent, has made the kind-hearted offer to deliver a treat to the doors of up to 40 people who have been stuck in their homes as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Staff member Mel Miller had the idea while talking to one elderly customer, who had left the house for the first time in nearly two months in order to get a takeaway.

Warrington Guardian:

She said: “I got the idea when I was speaking to one of our more mature ladies who is a regular at the chippy, but mentioned it's the first time she had been out of her house in nine weeks and she's on her own.

“She was saying how exciting she was for her tea of fish and chips, something so simple.

“There are other older and vulnerable people out there in the same boat, so why not put a smile on someone's face and give them fish and chips on us?

“We need to do something nice for our local community, because we love our customers who come into the chippy.

“It's a sad, hard time at the moment for everyone and we just want to give something back to the community, put a smile on people's faces and keep them safe as well by us delivering the food to their doors – we all need to pull together at a time like this.”

To nominate a resident to receive free fish and chips, click here.