A STAY-at-home music festival which raised £1,000 for the NHS is taking place again in Stockton Heath tomorrow, Saturday.

A group of friends decided to make the most of the sunshine during the coronavirus lockdown and host a virtual festival, Stockton Heath Noise, last month.

Nicole Carrington previously explained: "My friends and I have set up a 'virtual home festival' in Stockton Heath and we plan to all play a line up of albums in our own gardens with drinks back to back.

"We're calling it Stockton Heath Noise or SHN, an anagram of NHS, and we’re going to use the hashtag #SHN4NHS.

"We can’t stream the music because of copyright, so everyone will just need to stream the relevant albums at home, but we will do a Facebook live every time a new album is starting.

"Let's show what an amazing community Stockton Heath, and the wider Warrington area, is and let's raise a bit of money for amazing causes!"

Due to its success, residents will again be invited to dance along to music from the comfort of their own homes, all to raise more funds for the NHS.

Residents can join in by playing the albums listed on the line up at allocated times, this time choosing from the 'main stage' or the '90's stage' options.

People are invited to share their at-home festival pictures and updates by using #SHN4NHS.

To find the line up and get involved, visit Stockton Heath Noise at facebook.com/SHN4NHS.

You can donate at justgiving.com/fundraising/julie-ann-wilson2.