A SCHOOLBOY has been getting information on life in the Second World War from the best source – his own granddad.

Elliot Campbell, eight, was writing about the war for a school project.

The St Thomas’ CE Primary School pupil decided to speak to his granddad Bob Shaw who was a four-year-old boy living in Warrington during the war.

And his memories provided the inspiration for him to complete his project in time for the 75th anniversary of VE Day at the start of May.

Elliot said: “My Granddad remembers that one of his neighbours was more bothered about his roses than what was going on.

“An incendiary bomb just landed on his front lawn and the only way to put it out was with the soil!

“The man shouted at his neighbours who were trying to help.

“At night all of the lights were out because the enemy planes would know where to drop bombs, so they used to follow the canal all the way down to the city to bomb.

“My granddad saw the city of Liverpool in flames out of his bedroom window.

“My granddad had to hide under the stairs when an air raid struck.

“His mum put a real army helmet on him and a toy one on her and they waited whilst they heard the bombs.

“His father was in The RAF and said it was the safest place to hide.

“For VE Day he remembers a party in the street.”