WE'VE reached the top three in the countdown of sports editor Mike Parsons' top 10 favourite Warrington Wolves Magic Weekend moments.

Have you guessed what number one and number two will be, yet?

Here's number three, coming a few days after The Wire should have played fierce rivals Wigan Warriors at St James’ Park in Newcastle but, of course, the event was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Warrington Guardian:

Joe-Joe, Joe-Joe-Joe-Joe, Joe-Joe-Joel Monaghan; Michael, Michael-Michael, Michael-Michael Monaghan; Joe-Joe.....

Number 3: The Monaghan song

The atmosphere created at Magic Weekend by Wire fans is legendary, but it was the year of the Monaghan song and dance that topped the lot.

Pinching the tune of the Yaya Toure chant sung by Manchester City supporters, a primrose and blue twist was added for a new version to rock the Etihad Stadium in 2013.

The Wire’s star Australian brothers Michael and Joel Monaghan were the subjects of the infectious melody and dance performed in unison by thousands of Warrington fans throughout much of the big win against fierce rivals St Helens - and for a long time before and after the game too.

Loved it!