TODAY hasn't been the day it should have been.

The Wire were hoping for a repeat of the 2019 Magic Weekend victory over fierce rivals Wigan Warriors, this time at St James’ Park in Newcastle, but the entire two days of fixtures at the one venue was the latest sporting event that got postponed weeks ago due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Sports editor Mike Parsons continues to count down his top 10 favourite moments from past Magic Weekend events and today is number 5.

Have you agreed with him so far?

5. Delivering a ‘must win’

The style in which Paul Cullen’s Warrington team delivered a ‘must win’ in the first Magic Weekend event at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff in 2007 was a joy to behold.

With around 3,000 passionate and expectant Wire fans roaring them on, a four-match losing run was ended with a thrilling 50-18 victory over Salford on the biggest stage Wolves had performed for a considerable period of time.

Lee Briers led the riot with a hand in seven of the 10 tries, with his half-back partner Vinnie Anderson scoring two including a 90-metre special from a restart.

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