A 19-YEAR-OLD girl is helping to lift the spirits of a church congregation by delivering weekly newsletters, activity sheets and hot drinks to elderly parishioners.

Joanna Smalley has made sure that none of the regulars at St James Church in Great Sankey are getting lonely during lockdown.

Marjorie Hitchin, said: "We would all like to give Joanna a massive thank you for all the hard work she has done to keep our spirits up since the lockdown.

"Totally on her own initiative and at her own expense, she has been delivering a weekly letter to many elderly parishioners from Reverend Martin Thorpe; with service and activity sheets, plus a wrapped tea bag, as we have missed our tea and coffee gatherings after the Sunday service.

"Joanna has also recently delivered another surprise of a marigold planted in a mug to brighten our day.

"This was a lovely gesture to stop us feeling lonely and to remind us of all the friends we have, although we cannot be together at the moment."