A BABY made a speedy entrance into the world during lockdown but his family have praised the 'amazing' midwives and paramedics who made sure the delivery was calm and safe.

Emily Thomas, from Chapelford went into a natural labour with her second baby on the morning of Friday, May 15.

She visited the labour ward at Warrington Hospital in the early hours of Thursday morning after her waters broke.

Emily was sent home later that night to see how she got on.

The 29-year-old started having contractions at around 7am the following morning and her husband Rob began timing them while also looking after their three-year-old son Harri.

In no time at all, the contractions became quicker and stronger.

Rob phoned the labour ward at Warrington Hospital and spoke midwife Ayesha Stewart, who directed him on what he needed to do.

The ward sent an ambulance and a midwife to pick up Emily straightaway.

Midwife Johnathan arrived with just seven minutes to spare but baby Noah was not going to wait until they arrived at the hospital.

Emily gave birth on her bedroom floor to Noah James Thomas with no pain relief.

Noah weighed 8lb 4oz and the Thomases are now enjoying life as a family of four.

Her proud sister Lucy Neary, said: "Her pregnancy has been tough with the world not being a nice place at the moment.

"Despite all the sadness, Chapelford shone that day when a beautiful little boy was born.

"Our family would like to thank the amazing midwives Ayesha and Jonathan and the paramedics for helping my sister and brother-in-law bring their beautiful baby into the world calmly and safely."