A FACEBOOK community which was set up to help feed Warrington families with unwanted food has hit a remarkable milestone two-and-a-half years after it was first created.

Mum-of-three Abbie McGann created Free Food in Warrington after clearing out her freezer at home in Grappenhall in December 2017.

She found plenty of leftover food from a barbecue the family had hosted in the summer but knew they were unlikely to eat it before the use-by date.

Abbie realised how wasteful this seemed and so took to social media to ask people's opinion on a Facebook group for donating such food to less fortunate families.

Her friends Rachel Berwick and Julie Astbury joined in to help and the rest is history.

This month, the group fed their 2,000th family - not including the thousands of nappies, tubs of baby milk and pet food that has been donated over the years.

Abbie, who now lives in Delamere, said: "We can't believe it. In the last month alone we have welcomed another 200 members and 300 parcels.

"It seems that Covid-19 will not hold the Warrington community back from helping each other. "We are so proud of the community spirit.

"I set the group up originally and I quickly realised that I needed some assistance.

"In the first few weeks alone I was inundated with food parcels, donations and offers.

"It really is a full-time job and I’m so grateful to both Rachel and Julie, I’m very lucky to have them on board.

"They never ask for anything in return and they go above and beyond, often collecting and delivering parcels at all hours.

"Without Rachel and Julie and our fabulous members helping one another, it just wouldn’t work."

The group allows people to post an update when they are struggling for food or this can be done anonymously through Rachel, Abbie or Julie.

Other members of the group have then shown enormous generosity by offering food parcels or weekly shops.

You can join the Facebook group here.