A FASHION model has put his daily activities of jet setting around the country, appearing on Vogue Italia and liaising with celebrities on hold.

With work sidelined for the foreseeable, Oliver Hines, 28, has moved back to Widnes to be with family so he is not alone in his Manchester flat during the coronavirus epidemic.

With over a decade in the fashion industry he has been been a model for Calvin Klein, walked for Prada in Milan and Tom Ford in London, met celebrities such as David Beckham, Alan Carr and Carol Vorderman and was also able to purchase his first house at 21.

Explaining how he got into the competitive industry when he was 19, he said: "In college I wasn't the most academic and wanted to be a fireman. I was very sporty and played rugby.

"I was shopping one day in Warrington when I got scouted by Boss Management, Manchester. I went in for some head shots and they took me on.

"I never thought I would do it professionally. I thought it would be a good way to earn some extra cash in college."

Warrington Guardian:

He is now represented by seven modelling agencies including Boss Model Management, Manchester, Next, London, agencies across Europe and America and has lived in Milan, Hamburg and Miami through work.

"I’ve had some good career highlights and I’m on things I never thought I ever would be. My proudest moment was when an image of me appeared in Vogue Italia.

"I also featured on the show 8 out of 10 Cats does Countdown and I met quite a few celebrities but I just treat them as normal people.

"After three years I decided this wasn't the career avenue I wanted to venture down as I wanted to focus solely on fashion modelling and so I left."

Oliver, who has also featured on ASOS, Boohoo and in shop windows, is keeping his spirits up by being active and training at home ready for his next job.

"I was meant to be going to Germany before lockdown. Sometimes you can go two weeks without any work but you still have to keep yourself in shape through exercising and nutrition."

Regarding many people's misconceptions with the modelling world, he added: "Some people think all models are stupid but most of the models I have met are some of the smartest people. You also have to know a lot about nutrition and what benefits your body."

Issuing some advice for anyone wanting to break into the modelling world, he added: "As I started at a young age it did make me a bit self-conscious but the positive aspects of modelling for me outweigh the negatives.

"The loneliness of airports, flights and hotel rooms on your own isn’t great and nor is the pressure of staying in peak condition for 365 days of the year but when you finally see yourself somewhere you never thought you would or seeing the world like I get to just makes it worth the downsides.

"Don't take it personal if you are not booked as it's about who has the right look for that specific job.

"Always check a modelling agency is reputable and never hand over money for a portfolio."

If you would like to follow Oliver's modelling exploits instagram is: ollyyhines.